About Us

Thanks for visiting our site. Here is a little bit about us; a number of names* started in 2008 as a company to distribute billionaire boys club and icecream in Europe, and also to manage the a bathing ape franchise, e-commerce, PR and marketing in Europe. We stopped working with a bathing ape after our friend NIGO left, but we continue to work with him on his latest Human Made brand.

Now we have launched our own store and e-commerce. We aim to offer something different to other stores. The store will be a showcase for the various brands, and we will collaborate with them on special products and installations to help communicate each of their messages. Unlike many other stores we will not have an extensive brand list. Instead we will work closely with the brands we distribute, to present them in a considered way. We will also be working with a small section of our friends and family brands from across the globe. Many of these will be unavailable elsewhere in Europe. We hope customers can appreciate this more personal approach, rather than mindless consumerism.

Craig Ford